When Is An Idea Ready?

Photo of the fire being lit to create the hot coals for a fire walk

What am I dealing with?

Sometimes, an idea for a new piece of writing comes easily. It is not always the case.

More often than not, ideas can take years to work their way through the rounds of denial, rejection and simple unfathomable doubt.

I started out writing for the theatre and to me it always seemed straightforward to say I am writing a play. Now I’m not so sure because it could be a book or a film or even a play for the radio. Of course now it could be a podcast, a game or a web series.

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Jon Barraclough, I Love You

John Barraclough I love you

You see

What you gifted me back then

Made me

Gave me the taste for the new

For Joy

Division and Dexy’s on


How could I resist your love?


You set something burning

Just like

A brother who passes on


You seemed so precise in your

World worn

Way beyond mere teenage dreams

Who needs

More fucking libretto shit

I thought

Now I know you were the real


At John Taylor’s on Rusper Road

We shared

Poems and readings with

The group

You did not go to Luxford

Like us

But we danced to Funky Town

Just once

John Barraclough I love you


The LPs you gave up I

Took on

Sounds that were the dog’s bollocks

A gift

To the interlocutor


Short back and sides, long coat and

One stud

In a small and perfect ear

In tune

To the piano you played


Reading Fine Art at Goldsmiths


We knew the YBAs, Blur

Et al

Before you made up your mind

That to

Honestly create is to


A life to selfish dogged


To dig down through the crust of


Toil alive happy to be


For the answers in image

And word

Antony Pickthall, 2019