When Is An Idea Ready?

What am I dealing with?

Sometimes, an idea for a new piece of writing comes easily. It is not always the case.

More often than not, ideas can take years to work their way through the rounds of denial, rejection and simple unfathomable doubt.

I started out writing for the theatre and to me it always seemed straightforward to say I am writing a play. Now I’m not so sure because it could be a book or a film or even a play for the radio. Of course now it could be a podcast, a game or a web series.

What can you do?

Sometimes the idea has run its course and not made it to a novel but stalled at a short story. I love short stories but if I set out to write a novel, I can be disappointed.

It is the same with a play if all you start to hear are voices and you communicate through sound, chances are it should be a radio play. You still need to create the visuals in your audience’s mind. It is still working with images, just creating them inside someone’s head rather than on a stage.

It still doesn’t help when you want to write a film but the way the story unfolds is so theatrical it is better suited to the stage. Though with film, by the time you have a treatment and a logline the chances are you’ve got a film.

An Idea

Then the fun really starts if you have say, a story that even though it is relatively short, you can adapt it into a full length feature film.

Which is something I’m really interested in right now, as I have a short story called Tattoo, which is one of the stories in Stay With Me and for some reason it felt right to create a short film based on it. And now I am thinking that I love the main character so much, perhaps there is an opportunity to craft a feature film.

I know where it might go, because I have explored the character in more detail and when the short film ends it is not the end. So perhaps that is what I should do?

I will keep you posted. Unless you have a view on when a creative idea is ready?

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