Plays for Theatre and Radio

The following are plays that have been either commissioned and performed or simply written and available to perform. You may not be aware that writers ear money from commission fees and royalties. Plays already commissioned and performed are available to perform for a royalty based on the box office. There are minimum terms for both commissions and royalties.

1987 SOFT

An uncompromising, hard-hitting story of a couple who kill their newly-born Downs Syndrome baby and how they cope with the pressures of society, family and their own responsibility.

Workshopped by North West Playwrights, Contact Theatre July 1987.


An epic play that explores the last few years of the life of the poet and playwright, Christopher Marlowe. A gallery of characters, from fellow writers, noble patrons, Court spies and the Queen are brought to life by the murdered Marlowe, still scared of what he will face in his after-life.

1989 ALL HEADS TURN produced by Chester based AFTERIMAGE.

Toured to Grange Theatre, Oldham; Studio, Theatr Clwyd;  Studio, Chester Gateway Theatre; Chester College. March 1989.


A love affair that seeks a home, a sexuality that seeks an understanding and a board game that seeks a market. Three desires clash and whittle each other to the core in late 80’s London.

1990 SPACE

The near future. A couple, both space professionals, are re-united after five years of separation. Drusilla, a commander of a Deep Space Voyage is, so it seems, sole survivor of fifty crew. Mudchute, her partner, is in charge of finding out what happened. What he is confronted with onboard the orbiting space station, tests his capacity for life. Can the Drusilla he meets now, be worse than the dead lover he has mourned for the past five years? Is his job capable of helping? What is his job?

Produced in a workshop production by Birmingham University Drama Dept. as part of the MA in Playwriting. July 1990.


A one act play, about two teenage girls who break into a bathroom and decide to hold the wildest party they can possibly imagine. The play deals with issues of rebellion, bullying, anorexia, bulimia and the power of the imagination.

The play was commissioned and performed by St. Andrews Youth Theatre , directed by Catriona Macphie at the Byre Theatre, St. Andrews, January 27-30. 


A play about, Ivan, a sixteen year old, who suddenly finds he has left school and home and struggles with the reality of his descent into petty crime. His only support comes from two of his favourite cartoon characters who appear to him to have come alive. Only, he doesn’t want them to, he wants real love and help. But it doesn’t come to save him in time. 

Produced by Impetus Theatre, December 2-14 1997 at the Duke of Cambridge Pub Theatre, London NW5, directed by Stephen Wrentmore.


’30 something’ Richard Kent pin-points the moments he lost ‘the dream’ and points the finger. Optioned by Sgript Cymru, Cardiff – the new national writing company for Wales.

2005 CRUD

A play about farmers in contemporary Ceredigion – research phase funded by Arts Council of Wales.


A play about a 19th Century inventor who dreams of being able to fly.

Produced by Lupa Theatre Co (Wales). and BDNC Theatre Co. (Ireland) in November 2006. The play was part of a double-bill, HANG-GLIDING that toured to The Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Theatr Gwynedd, Bangor and Chapter, Cardiff.


1994      MUSTER

Text for a dance theatre piece for Gary Carter & Company and performed at the ICA as part of the Acts of Faith Season of new work for the theatre. MUSTER was based on Chekhov’s Three Sisters.


A solo piece performed in a disused stable in St. Dogmael’s, Cardigan. Evoking images of captivity, isolation and despair a single performer connects with the stable’s former animal inhabitants, the lives of the farming community and our need to make sense of change.

Performed as part of OINTMENT, curated by Simon Whitehead and performed by Daniel Rebeck at Parc Y Pratt Farm on February 27


Stand up comedy show performed at Venue 13 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival



A play about two sisters, one educated privately, the other not. About jealousy and the difficulty of finding out who you are.

1991     MAKING HEIGHT  – OR The Construction of the Seat of One Benjamin Apsey, MP

Set just before and during 1752, Making Height charts the attempts of a man new to wealth, who tries to build his own country house. But it all conspires against him – as history often does – when the sister of a local landowner and schoolboy friend successfully prevents the collapse of her own family fortune by turning to robbery and violence, and not a little pretended love. What emerges is a powerful story of the hidden history behind the building of an Eighteenth Century country house.

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